new electronic typewriter, Brother GX6750

It is interesting to step backwards in the path of technology of the writing tool kind.  This thing is quite noisy, from the daisy wheel print head.  Still easy to use and fun.  Scary how many typos I left in the text.

Brother GX6750 electronic typewriter
Brother GX6750 electronic typewriter
sample text from Brother GX6750 electronic typewriter
sample text from Brother GX6750 electronic typewriter

a little typewriter hunting

Typewriter hunting

I took a drive down south of Barrie to the 400 Antique Mart just off the 400 super highway that runs down to Toronto.

Just three typewriters.  One, an early SCM office electric with no power cord.  One Underwood 5, rightly described as mint condition, but asking a silly, that is beyond outrageous price of $198.00.  I acquired an Underwood 5 not in mint condition from the Huronia Museum for $10.  The Underwood 5 was made in very large numbers, many have survived and the Underwood 5 is normally a 10-15 dollar item.  Worth adding to your collection, but not an item to kid yourself into paying 200 dollars.  They were an early practically indestructible office typewriter. OTOH it was the cleanest typewriter I have ever seen.  At the other end of the Mart another Underwood 5 asking a semi-comical $49.  I passed on all three.

I took a few photos in the Mart and one of an old Dodge up in Coldwater, Ontario.

I was fortunate in Barrie on the way home.  Went to Staples,  parking lot was awfully full.  Then I remembered it was the end of the afternoon of the first day back to school.  Last second school supplies were being sought.   I went backwards a few steps in the technology and bought a Brother electronic typewriter.  I will post about it later this week.

DSC_8583 -1 underwood
Underwood Typewriter
DSC_8577 -1
Voigtlander Vitessa rangefinder camera
DSC_8576 -1
Marshall’s Photo Retouching Kit
DSC_8574 -1
Bronson Altoona Casting Reel, fishing reel
DSC_8578 -1
Kid’s fancy western two gun rig, gun belt with revolvers
DSC_8572 -1
old Dodge

an odd day at dialysis

yesterday felt fine going in for Dialysis but immediately felt lousy and could not keep my eyes open.  hung in there, asked for Gravol, then a cold compress, still convinced I was going to throw up, but didnt.   Last night lots or muscle cramps or near cramps I was able to stave off, but managed to get some sleep

today up at 6 am to take out Grace the dog

my legs feeling “stupd”

dramatically cooler temperature arrived yesterday afternoon, after gigantic thunderbooms in the morning.  today, grey, bay moving to the east, tiny rain drops, cool.  

not sure if any photography of the exterior kind will be possible.

reading The Corridors of Power by C.P. Snow….love this man’s writing 

pic of Tiny Marshes, Elmvale, Ontario

photo taken with RIM Blackberry Playbook camera, this spot offers a variety of perspectives of the marshes, it is a wonderful place to visit any time of the year, I am in fact due for a return visit, I hope to get there this weelk.