Kodak Pocket Instamatic 50 (110 film format) front view

” Kodak invented the 110 format in 1972 and their Pocket Instamatic series was their response to the popular Japanese and German 16mm cameras of the 1960’s, destroying the 16mm market with the 110 release.

The range extended through evolving designs, features, and add-on accessories. The Pocket Instamatic 10 was the cheapest of the lot with its 25mm (f11.0), (1/1) fixed-focus lens, mechanical shutter with speed of 1/90, basic flash-cube compatibility, and no exposure control, while the Pocket Instamatic 50 was often described as frighteningly sharp with its 26mm (f2.7-17.0), (4/3) scale-focusing lens and automatic exposure control.”

rained out photo jaunt

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The rain stopped after overnight steadiness and I headed off along Highway 12 for the Fall Fair at Orillia but soon after I began the monsoon avalanched heavy rain.  So I stopped partway to Orillia and had lunch at Tiffany’s Restaurant in Coldwater, Ontario.

I ended up in conversation with a senior couple and their daughter.  He is 88 years old and was a truck driver for Canadian Ordnance Corps in Northeast Europe.  He described meeting a school buddy in Ghent who was too embarassed to admit he that he was shot in the buttocks during the Battle of the Hochwald Forest (Operation Veritable and Operation Blockbuster).

from the wikipedia article “After the war, General Dwight Eisenhower, the Allied Supreme Commander, commented this “was some of the fiercest fighting of the whole war” and “a bitter slugging match in which the enemy had to be forced back yard by yard”.”

This gentleman weighed 140 lbs when he went in the Army and weighs that today. It was a great pleasure and privilege to speak with a World War Two veteran.  This gentleman has a razor sharp memory.  We talked about lake levels in the Great Lakes and fierce local weather. He has an avid interest in weather and runs his own home weather station.  He remarked on the extreme low pressure that followed a harsh storm that blew through on Friday, barometric pressure was as low as that experienced with hurricanes.

Tiffany’s Restaurant, Coldwater, Ontario
wood detail of store front in Coldwater, Ontario
old signs on side of store front in Coldwater, Ontario

Ireland Cistercian Abbey pic bw

another old travel photograph in black and white, from a trip to Ireland in 1996. Camera Pentax PZ-1 with 28-80 zoom lens

pic St. Lawrence River Shore

a road trip into Quebec some years back, the south shore of the river near Ville de Quebec – Pentax film camera, PZ-1 slr and an auto focus zoom lens, a 28-80 FA 3.5-5.6, shot in black and white, one of the few landscapes I have ever had enlarged, matted and framed for my home.