dialysis in a skillet today

Got to dialysis to find the balky air conditioner was out…..seems the heat sensor was misreading the room and thought the room was 50 F and thus fired up some heat to blow into the room …. the sensor is supposed to keep the clinic at 70 F….so a skillet for dialysis today.

The poor nurses had a 12 hour shift in high heat to get through.  They did great.  I did less well. I asked for a cold wet cloth for my noggin after an hour of cooking.  Then I cramped badly around the 3.5 hour mark ( my run is 4.5 hours,  other patients go for 4, some for 3.5 hours).  Then after we got that calmed down, by letting me stand up while keeping my left arm still and steady as best we could so the needles did not come out and three nurses surrounding me, I felt another cramp coming on and said take me off early.  Which is always an option, but one I have never chosen before today.

I think I was drier coming in than I realized.  I had a pasta meal the night before.  Something I have maybe once a month and oviderdid it.  I had been cautioned to take it easy.  We did not get all the fluid off me on Monday after the weekend.  So I drank less, ate more and got into trouble.

Dialysis is one massive complex balancing act of fluid intake, diet, medications, etc.  If you are old enough think back to the old Ed Sullivan Show and the guy who would set up dinner plates spinning on pieces of dowel,  he would put more and more up and then run back to the first one which had slowed down and was wobbling.  And back and forth he went spinning the about to fall plates.  A multi-task balancing act of the first order.

I do hope they get the part on order and fix the a/c trouble by Friday.

Author: William J. Gibson

62 year old - writer/photographer Canadian, survived open heart surgery, received kidney transplant, sometimes dour, sometimes amusing, over six feet in height, severely follicle challemged

One thought on “dialysis in a skillet today”

  1. it is worth noting that these cramps are brief and intense but do not persist. For me I find my calves hate to lie pressed down agains the foot rest hard pad on the dialysis chair. I am tall, six foot two inches, so my feet go past the foot rest. I do find that by raising my knees up and resting my feet against the top edge of the foot rest pad, I often ease that long time discomfort on my calves. I did that today, but later in the run, raising my knees, aggravated the ready to cramp lower legs.

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