Ken Bruen and his Jack Taylor books

I am part way through this Galway based dark but funny, and violent, but insightful crime series of books by Ken Bruen.  The new Ireland takes some scolding, alcoholism drenches the characters, but Jack Taylor, the protagonist suffering ex-Garda carries on moving forward or perhaps falling forward.  Do read these, you will learn a lot of side information and there are a lot of references to various books and authors.  Highly recommended.    The bonus for me is that I have visited Galway, back in 1996 and liked it more than Dublin.  Bruen is so very gifted.  read him, you will be rewarded.

dialysis modification

It seems my clearances have dropped down again, creatinin higher, so what would be the answer.  One possibility was to come in another day, which would make it four days out of seven.  Now this does not seem like that big a change but somehow psychologically it loomed like Mount Everest for shadow producing.  But fortunately that is not the way my doctor decided I should go.  Instead my current three days of dialysis got a little longer.  My four hour run is not four and a half hours long.  Aside from that things have been relatively smooth with the big D.  OTOH I am just getting over the national affliction, a wicked head cold, everyone in the country seems to have it.  My version has not gone down into my chest.  I seem to have turned the corner and today I was not blowing my nose every five minutes.  I hope to get over it by Monday.

valuing the high school research paper

Today I found a New York Times article about The Concord Review, which publishes outstanding high school research essays.  The founder and publisher gets a curmudgeon’s characterization, but Harvard pays attention.  For a high school student to have an essay published in the Concord Review is a stamp of quality they admire.


photos of recovery of snowmobile accident victim on Georgian Bay

A snowmobile accident on Georgian Bay east of Victoria Harbour, Ontario, around 430 PM.  Local firefighters and paramedics brought the victim with a possible broken leg back to shore.

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Two excellent movies I just saw

Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinking, a one woman show about her life. Hilarious and a half.

My Talks with Dean Spalding with Jeremy Northam, Peter O’Toole, Sam Neill, and Bryan Brown, a intriguing story about fathers and sons, man and dog and reincarnation.  I kept turning to look at my dog Grace who was asleep beside me on the couch as I watched this wonderful story.

some recent dialysis stuff

  1. had a rough ride the other day when I came in with a higher than usual BP and had an apparently good run going until the last twenty minutes out of four hours when my BP dropped through the floor boards and I got light headed and lights brighter, nurses dropped the chair back to lower my head and gave me some oxygen and after a bit my BP came back up.  Took a little longer to get off the machine and set to go out and drive myself home.
  2. one of the other patients has been giving me some grief and the nurses some static about who gets brought in first for our dialysis shift.  this started on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve when I was told to come in at 1115AM rather than my usual 1240PM. he uses a motorized wheelchair and is brought to dialysis by Red Cross transfer vehicle from his home along with one or two other patients.  I am the latest person to join this shift which runs more or less on seniority as to who gets seating first and so on.  8 patients between three nurses.  there are three hour run and four hour run patients, so the nurses have to work out putting on and taking off patients so that not every one is done at the same moment. getting set up is approximately a certain amount of time but there are days when things take longer or the machines are a bit balky or something goes amiss or takes longer, it is a bit of a puzzle juggling act.  It is beyond tiresome to get berated by another paitent and accused of jumping the line according to his view when I am simply following the direction of the nurses.  To avoid further confrontation I have chosen not to wait in the waiting area when this man is there but instead I wait outside the second set of glass doors at the main entrance and lean against a nice warm heater and keep an eye on the door to the clinic.  given my track record I could  verbally disembowel this guy based on my past regretted not long after the fact verbal warfare moments in my past…. and given the recent amount of small stuff I have had to sweat lately, a thermonuclear verbal response is ready and waiting for me to launch.  So silence and walking away, letting the BS go.
  3. a couple of nurses and one patient spoke quietly to me in the clinic and suggested I just ignore the nuisance.  clearly we all have our issues with out situations and the things we have to deal with
  4. on the 18th of January down to Toronto for a test and some interviews for the transplant process, I am still years away from the actual transplant event if I qualify
  5. just getting over a wicked head cold which hit me about four days ago.  coughing like a barking sea lion