Lt. Kevin Drummond d. July 8, 1918

Drummond was from Midland, Ontario and the Huronia Museum bought his medals through an online auction, part of a program over the past few years to bring back to the area service medals of residents of the area.

The Military Cross is the third highest award for valour in the Commonwealth.

Nov. 6th opening of the special exhibit of military medals and other materials at the Huronia Museum in Midland, Ontario

from an online article by Bill Smith, see him in other photos in this set. –

“Kevin was the youngest of the boys. The Drummond children attended Midland schools and during these years the stone walls became part of the property. I like to think of the children watching the craftsmen at work as the wall grew around them, providing beauty to the landscape. Later, Kevin returned to Montreal to attend McGill University. Graduating as an engineer he returned to Midland to work in the smelter and, once more lived at Georgian Lodge. As most young men did at the time, he joined the militia, serving in the 35th Battalion Simcoe Foresters for 2 years until 1916. With war going on in Europe he joined the 76th Battalion inBarrie. In that same year, as the war worsened, he transferred to a Montreal regiment, the 24th Battalion, Victoria Rifles of Canada, becoming a Lieutenant with the move. He was shipped overseas and on April 9th, 1917 was wounded atVimy Ridge.

He was awarded the Military Cross.

It states in the”Supplement to the London Gazette”, 18 July, 1917: “Lt. Kevin Stewart Drummond Can. Infy: For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty.Though wounded he successfully led a bombing attack against an enemy machine gun. Earlier in the advance, seeing the men had lost direction, he rallied them and led them to their objective.”

His wounds were severe requiring several months to recover. But, in January of 1918, in good healthonce more, he returned to the war in France. On the 8th of July Kevin Drummondwas killed in action. ”

photo of Sherman Tank at Base Borden Musuem

from a visit to Base Borden, the military museum consists of two buildings (one huge), one small, and many vehicles parked out doors, including a few fighter aircraft.

Parker T-Ball Jotter

a zillion years ago my Dad used to bring home T Ball Jotters with his company logo on them and I used them in school and university…. looking them up I see I am one year older than Jotters, they were introduced in 1954. I am glad they are still for sale and the refills are still for sale as well. Sadly I lost one to the dog who decided after one of the cats batted it onto the floor that it was a perfect chew toy. No worries, no pieces broke off.

Simcoe Co. Forest off Hwy 93

partial crop from an old film size 126 cartridge colour slide

this was my second camera and this shot was taken sometime between 1968 and 1972

This is about nineyt miles due north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and about fiteen kilometres south of where I have lived for the past ten years.

If you google Simcoe County forests, you will find an interesting bit of early enlightened government management of the environment.

Poem – Meeting Once More

Meeting Once More

You look the same and that is no crime
Time passed and gone and we pick up
Back a little from where we left off

Interruptions are good, the long flow
of  a continuing present breeds familiarity
and the slow growth friction getting
in each other’s way,  we move without thought

dancing forward and bouncing off the side walls
of the roaring river of our so-called lives
we capture the shiny toys and tote the dull stuff too
sprinkling glimpses of joy and  throwing the pains
over our shoulders so we can run into the future

as if it were a guarantee of  safe harbour
you tell me new things that are no different
from the old ones and I nod opening my ears
like I am an elephant and there are no tusk hunters near

I try to decide how much to leave out as we catch up
So many things to say and so many things to forget.
A simple jigsaw with razor edged pieces made from our flesh.

Time to trade that all in on peanut brittle and bubblegum
Fight old age with sin difference.