Sunday turned into a techno frenzy of discovery and rediscovery. First of all I tried for the first time to use my wireless home network to see if I could see files on my desktop from my laptop and that worked fine. They are both Vista machines. The little red riding hood Acer netbook runs Windows XP and that did not work out so well. I may try that again. I am not sure if really need this home network. I have been moving files and photos from the laptop to the desktop using a flash drive when I need to print. My printer is not wireless and is connected to the desktop.

Second attempt was to get back to downloading my video taken with my Sony ZR50 HC camcorder. This was more sweat. I had used this in the past and connected it to my iBool. But the iBook is now almost ten years old and not the fasted kid on my block. I dug out the manual and went through my badly organized software disks and failed to find the software disk that came with the ZR50. I did find the manual and found that I had completely forgotten thelocation of the cover on the front bottom of the camera where the firewire connection lay hiding. I found my firewire cable. Hooked camcorder to desktop and voila. I was able to import video.

I may glow all week from this technological triumphant day.

Author: William J. Gibson

62 year old - writer/photographer Canadian, survived open heart surgery, received kidney transplant, sometimes dour, sometimes amusing, over six feet in height, severely follicle challemged

2 thoughts on “technosunday”

  1. Hey Bill – Congrats on merging old tech with (pretty) new tech. That is often a real struggle. So is setting up a fully functional home wireless network.
    And speaking of struggles – with a little work you CAN print wirelessly from your laptop – you just have to have printer sharing (or whatever it’s called) turned on in your desktop computer’s settings and then from your laptop you should be able to “see” the desktop printer as a choice…
    Wireless printing is nice. But the joys of home networks also include streaming content from one machine where it lives, to another machine where you happen to want to be, or accessing the ‘net from anywhere….

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