walking over area of a Huron site with a 21st century Ontario Hydro cut

This is south of HWY 12 between Victoria Harbour and Waubashene. The village site has not been excavated. It is reported to be contact era which means roughly 1600-1650. Europeans walked this area after 1613. Some trade goods might have been brought here by Hurons or other native traders before the Europeans arrived locally. Those Europeans were Etienne Brule and then Samuel Champlain, then Gabriel Sagard, then the Jesuits. With the ground scraped clear of brush any artifacts “churned up” to the surface would be easy to spot. Much preferable to heavy wooded and brush laden and poison ivy laden ground.

I had an enormous deja vu moment as I walked this ground with a friend of mine who is also involved with the OAS Huronia Chapter. The bulldozed ground, with dozer tracks in the wet soft ground, and the tree line of mature trees pulled me back to my memories of 1974-75 when I spent two summers working north of Edmonton on the Syncrude Project, oil sands mining development near Fort McMurray. The Hydro towers spoiled the look a little but other than that it felt just about right as if I was standing out in the mining area, a scraped natural area. The actual plant site which was being built then, was completely treeless and was full of structures and piping corridors and many many men and machines. Out in mining I baby sat a water pump for two weeks and saw no one except at the beginning and end of my shift.

Grace at the off leash dog park

she loves ranging off on her own and then coming back, sniffing everything and being a dog off leash, it is a small joy to watch her move over the ground.

poem, new

I remember

I remember your love

it was like bubblegum on the sole of my sneakers

and I was in the hallway of high school and late for math class

and we learned one plus one equals two for an unknown period of time.

I remember your time

it was a nervous kitten in a day time thunderstorm, smelling the damp air,

staring at the moving tree branches, jumping for thunder, vanished by lightning.

I remember your lightning

it went straight through my heart

straight through my brain

it burned my soul straight out of my body

I remember your body

it was like home never was.