brain fatigue

I am building a website and at the same time learning a new software tool to do that construction. The tool is Coffeecup Visual Designer. The website is for the Huronia Museum. So far I have roughed in 13 top level pages of which some five or six will get a set of sub pages.

My brain is a little tired. this was day three and I have figured out how the software works for the main part. It is pretty slick.


spent too much time today futzing around with computers

    – revived an old pc with micro diskette drive to read a diskette with my sister’s masters thesis on it
    – tried to stabilize my vista tower pc and failed yet again
    – found the cd with my Pentax photo software on it
    – ran a test of photo uploading from my K10D and discovered I get ALL my images if I use the camera-to-pc-usb cable rather than pulling the SD card out and sticking that in my laptop (which was a relief, I had thought my SD card was going bad)

a sudden shaft of light

in dialysis yesterday some news came in over the phone, one of the D patients phoned to let the clinic staff know that he got the call to come for his kidney transplant…..this involved him driving through the night to Kingston, Ontario, where he began dialysis, eighteen years ago…. this is his second transplant and I wish him well with it….. he is a young man and began dialysis around the age of 8