writers group meeting a low point

tonight’s meeting was a low point in my experience of writing workshops. how bad was it, Johnny? it was so bad I walked out of it an illiterate in order to preserve my sanity. I have a month to consider my options. Quit. Attempt to modify to improve, Sit back and wait and see. There are lots of smart people who trot out the phrases about groups forming, storming and finally performing. I wonder what they would have thought about tonight’s debacle spectacle. My favourite moment was the explanation by one fellow as to why he would not be providing multiple copies of his work, he did not trust us not to steal his work. Hard to move forward brom such a basic mistrust. I asked if anyone had ever stolen his work. He said no. He said he had once taken a course on book publishing where they were told never to hand out any work that was not copyrighted. I did not explain to him that his work if stolen would probably not net the thief untold millions, but instead I just stopped talking because i could not see much point in any further attempt to counter his point of view on this basic, fundamental first step in any critiquing workshop. If you want to participate, you give out copies for study and critique. That is a basic rule of the universe. I will skip the rest of tonight’s joy. This is certainly a long way from what I hoped it might be.

42nd Highland Regiment American Revolutionary War period

My interest in military modelling has been revived recently and so went to my shelf and took a photo of this 54mm figure I painted some forty years ago. I used an instruction booklet to paint the bare metal figure. With my teenager eyes I was able to paint pupils in his blue eyes and to paint the kilt and his argyle stockings.

About ten to fifteen years ago I bought a bunch of kits and have them still stashed away. My first step is to make a list and see what is in those five large boxes and storage bins.

puppy life

Grace is ten weeks old and a typical day consists of breakfast around 7 am after a pit stop in the back yard.  She now has been given a couple of toys that belonged to the late, great Shakespeare, his squirrel and rabbit.  This is in addition to three puppy sized toys she received last week.  Once or twice a day we let her tour around the whole house but mostly she is kept in the kitchen.  Her sisters, the five formerly feral kittens, now three years old, are learning to accept her if not downright like her.  One, Bella, likes to sleep on a blanket on top of Grace’s crate. There is still some growling going on but not quite so much as the first week. During the day Grace gets taken outside about every two to two and half hours. She plays in the morning until about 1045 am and then naps until noon. when she has lunch. You can see the energy bursting out of her not long after meals. Another nap late in the afternoon. Some days around 5 pm, the zoomies, high speed crazy racing around like some invisible dog is chasing her takes place. Through the night we try to take her out twice after midnight. She barks quite a bit and is mouthing hands almost constantly. I cannot for the life of me remember how long it took for baby teeth to come out in my two earlier dogs. She is very funny and affectionate. Puppy life can be stressful and tiring but full of joy as well. I can’t imagine living without a dog. I have had one in my life for some thirteen years.