he’s gone

Shakespeare, 1998-2009, he was 10 years and 7 months old, we had to put him down tonight, the tumour in his abdomen began to bleed and on the vet’s recommendation we put him down. I was holding him when he passed. my sister and I both cried our eyes out.

he was a wonderful dog, my best friend, now he is in heaven with his big sister, Diamond.

it was spooky, he got up in the living room after having layed there for several hours and walked through the kitchen to the back deck where he is in this shot, about a foot to the side from the exact spot where his sister last lay down the day she died.

last photo of Shakey shows him lying on the deck

taken about an hour before we put him down

he used to lie out here with his sister, Diamond and Sundance the cat, both gone as well.  today he had slept for an hour or more on the deck as I sat with him and read a  book.


Author: William J. Gibson

62 year old - writer/photographer Canadian, survived open heart surgery, received kidney transplant, sometimes dour, sometimes amusing, over six feet in height, severely follicle challemged

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