NCIS what the heck

I watched the finale of the season for NCIS and was alarmed at the conclusion which had two shocks: Ziva David remained in Israel and Gibbs somehow had removed the wooden boat from his basement.  Both will leave me with an unsettled feeling through the summer wait for the return of my favourite show.

free stuff of the soft kind

making up a list of free software to recommend to other people:

  • Open – equivalent to MS Office suite
  • flickr – photo sharing
  • picassa – photo organizing and editing

that is all for now, I am still kicking over internet rocks looking for more useful stuff

three movies

Hadn’t rented any dvds in a while.  What Just Happened, The Wrestler, and BenjaminButton.  WJH stars DeNiro and is directed by Barry Levinson and was ok but far from memorable. In fact a line from the script sums it up — it just might not BE a movie.  Mickey Rourke is an old favourite of mine going back to BODY HEAT.  He is astonishing in this gritty movie.  I found BB difficult to watch and after blowing my nose and wiping my eyes I expect its afterglow to produce some careful self-examination of my time on earth, both past and remaining.  Not many movies do that.


so more technology in my shack…. a wireless router and after a false start or two I got two devices working with it: the iPod Touch and my laptop…. the desktop PC was reluctant and I will try it again tomorrow, so some success

speaking of wireless, how do they suspend the camera for fight scenes like the new Star Trek movie where Gravol would be a wise additive, I must have old movie eyes and am just not wired fast enough to retinate the new style spin the camera fight sequences….. but I never had trouble following Robin Hood’s arrow  —  btw the new young Spok was the best thing in the movie.

May morning

Sunny but cool , heck it’s cold. It was -2 with the wind chill overnight. This is not my idea of spring.  The newschannel said protect your plants. We have not planted anything yet.  I managed to ge the last two of my sis’  snow tires for her car to the boathouse for storage.  I am off to town shortly for a library book return run.  I hope I don’t take my camera along and end up takig no photos.  Too much of that lately.

freda’s day

my wonkey glasses kept falling apart today, but I finally managed to get to the optometrist and got them tightened and they added some locktight to the tiny screws, that should hold them for awhile…..warm sunny day…. did some more volunteering at the libary…. asnwered most of the questions that came up….and got a few things to research….dialysis tomorrow at 7:45 am