in progress, attempted poem

in celebration of the warmer weather, a scribble of sorts….

the sun is hiding but the fields

are flooding out

throwing away all of the winter

the bare trees are starting

to pay attention to the birds

and the farmer is standing

by the door of his truck

he can see the school bus

all yellow and old rolling up

to his gate – he listens to the ticking

of his truck’s engine as it cools

scurrying early

three days a week I get up before 6 AM and start the process of getting ready for dialysis, which is to say, I get showered, more about that in a moment, and dressed, eat a little and take my medications and sometimes get the dog out for a morning pee break up by the beach road.  slmetiems he  has to wait a little later in the morning for my sister to take him out. he gets a longer walk from her so that is a benefit. About the shower, I am not supposed to get my access lines in my chest, two little tubes, wet in the shower, so I take the shower head in hand and do sort of a half shower with some additional stick handling to get the old carcass bright and clean.  Several times this winter I have had to dsolve the frozen car door problem.  This means a trip back to the kitchen for a jug full of hot water to pour along the top crack of the driver door before I can begin to start the car and head over to the dialysis clinic at the hospital in Penetanguishene.  I ussually pack along my camera and a few books and my little notebook. Sometimes I bring my laptop and a dvd of a movie to watch. At the clinic there are TVs for us to watch.  Unfortunately I dont find much to watch iin the mornings. Although I do like to follow  the adventures of Max and Ruby, two whit e rabbits, I even watch them in French. It is now 6:10 AM and I should go and pass through the car wash, showr that is.   See you later.   In the second floor of the dialysis unit in Orillia there is a slogan on a wal in a nicely framed picture, Every day is a gift.  I try to unwrap each one and smile.  some days that works out just fine.


I get  the frist in several eye tests today.  It is a matter of some interest to me, I may not have correctable vision to the standard of the MOT and could lose the privilege of driving a car.  This would place a burden on my sister to drive me to dialysis runs early in the morning and I would hate to do that to her.  I am not keen to lose my license, I don’t do much with my car freedom but it would hurt to lose  it.

My current car is a 2002 Chevy Impala. Used to drive a  VW Gold Diesel.  Before that a Ford Escort, Ford Thunderbird (my one adventure in car leasing), a Mercury Comet, Mercury Bobcat.  And on one fateful day I drove a  red Mercury Cougar to Sunnybrook Hospital to accompany my father, who had to go in for a brief stint.  That was one large car.

Got the test results and I can keep my driver’s license.  Good news is welcome news.