Ireland – Cistercian Abbey 1996

Ireland Cistercian Abbey 4 bw

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colour print scanned and converted to BW, original taken with a Pentax PZ-1 with a Pentax FA 28-80 zoom lens

I have forgotten the town name, but it was about two thirds of the way across from Dublin to Sligo

this photo recently got a little extra attention on flickr and it is one of my favourite shots from my trip to Ireland, and so I blogged it.

Toronto Metro Church Finals 1966 hockey crest

Toronto Metro Church Finals 1966 hockey crest

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From a hockey tournament played at Maple Leaf Gardens between age group teams from the CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) and PYC (Protestant Youth Corps)

my team played three years in a row and won each time, as a kid to get one chance to play at Maple Leaf Gardens was beyond heaven…. when you skated out on the ice, the ice was about the normal size of any rink, but then you stopped and looked up at the seats, the reds, blues, greens, and all the way up to the greys and then you just about fell backwards, they were so endlessly high.

the peak of my athletic career, although I have hit a hole in one in golf

In a year or two, the MTHL came into being and got going full steam, and the CYO and PYC hockey leagues started to weaken.