dog stories – Diamond the late, great golden

One that comes to mind…. one evening I took her to the park at the end of my street in Toronto when she was about a year old.  Met another dog owner and was talking to her. It was early Spring and the snow had gone and a natural hockey rink annually set up on the playing field was still up (the boards). I noticed something hanging from Diamond’s mouth. It looked to me like a bit of black tape torn from a hockey stick and that the bit had probably emerged from one of the snowbanks that had recently finished melting. Took a bit of work but caught her and reached to take the “tape” out of her mouth. It turned out to be the “mummified” body of a small black squirrel. The woman dog owner just about threw up when she realized what I was carrying to one of the park garbage cans. All along the way to the can, Diamond was bouncing beside me hoping to get her prize back.

Author: William J. Gibson

62 year old - writer/photographer Canadian, survived open heart surgery, received kidney transplant, sometimes dour, sometimes amusing, over six feet in height, severely follicle challemged

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